Twisted MX

11400 Townsend Rd. 

Milan, MI 48160



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            PH: (734) 219-3899

Race Rules

Twisted MX follows AMA & D14 rules.  Click on buttons above to be directed to the Rule Books.


Green Flag


Yellow Flag


White Flag


Medical Flag


Red Flag


Checkered Flag

GREEN:  Start of race.



YELLOW:  Caution.  When a yellow flag is displayed, competitors must ride cautiously until they have passed the incident that caused the flag.  There is NO passing or jumping between the flag and the incident.  




WHITE:  One lap to go until finish.



WHITE WITH RED CROSS:  Indicates that ambulances, safety vehicles or emergency personnel are on the course.  EXERCISE caution. Riders will slow down and maintain position with no passing or jumping until past the incident.




RED:  Stopping of a race for any emergency situation.  Return cautiously to the starting line and wait for instructions.








Any violations in flag areas are subject to loss of position or disqualification.


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